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    KHWD's Available Website 11 Currently under construction after a poor migration of my HOLIDAY2010 site from MoonFruit, it initially needed a lot of work to tidy up the massive duplication of images, buttons and pages plus still needs sorting out the domain name issues caused by that generic migration.... WIP Jan 2022 WIP: currently using KHWD owned secure URL and Domain but can easily be swapped WIP July 2022 - Secure URL & Domain Any new name can be purchased and tailored to the site content. See KHWD's quotes If you are interested contact KeefH Web Designs either by email at or by mobile +44 (0) 7843962729 , thanks for looking Many more examples of my work are available on the main biz site, click HERE Some ideas of what you could have to spark your imagination both there and here via the drop down menu. Could be Yours? Get From KeefH Web Designs Birth & Birthdays Weddings End of Life / Funerals / Burials All other Life Events are Possible Just ask - doesn't even have to be life events, anything is possible, the world is your... what is it they say "lobster" ...ha ha no "oyster" ask and KeefH Web Designs can help turn your imagination into a helpful and insightful website

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    Sorry, We Can’t Find This Page. The page you were looking for doesn’t exist anymore. Return to the homepage and use the Menu to find what you need Back to Home

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